OrthoGel's Holly Shrub and the Pain Relief Belief of the Paraguay Indians

ILEX, the Paraguay Indians believed in it's medicinal qualities
OrthoGel's ILEX is often referred to when speaking of pain relief.  It was first harvested by the Paraguay Indians hundreds of years ago.  They picked a local holly shrub and extracted the ILEX.  The Indians believed that it enhanced their medicinal treatments and salves.  It is that same belief that  leads some consumers to search for soothing ILEX containing products such as OrthoGel today.

Secondly, OrthoGel has other ingredients that were also harvested by native peoples for the last few centuries.  Aloe is one of those.  With the reputation of healing and cooling, many attest to it being a natural healing remedy.

Boswellia Serrata, or Indian Frankincense, is thought to combat arthritis pain by some of the people of India.  This is another ingredient which plays its part in OrthoGel's soothing formula.  It too has been harvested for hundreds of years.

Lastly, OrthoGel's impressive list of quality ingredients make for a winning combination.  The makers of OrthoGel want only the best for their customers and strive to provide that with all of their products.  They believe that those additional ingredients, including ILEX and Boswellia Serrata, all help OrthoGel go from being a good product to being a great pain relieving topical analgesic. Read More