OrthoGel Advanced Pain Relief Gel is a FDA compliant nonprescription drug in the class referred to as topical analgesics. Topical Analgesics are used for the temporary relief of pain.  OrthoGel is a welcomed alternative by healthcare providers to topical analgesics that do not contain other complementary ingredients.  We believe that these additional complementary ingredients are an improvement over conventional analgesics.  Greaseless, stainless, no lingering odor.  The effects are deep penetrating and long lasting.

OrthoGel Advanced Pain Relief

From Golf Pain to Arthritis Pain

OrthoGel is a topical analgesic for the fast temporary relief of arthritis pain, sore backs, necks, and legs.  Choose OrthoGel for advanced pain relief.

OrthoGel's powerful product line


I love this product. It helps relieve muscle soreness after I work out. I try to use it before sleeping, that way my muscles really have a perfect opportunity for recovery.

Paula Wells

I am completely sold on Orthogel advanced formula. When anyone in my house complains of pain I grab my roll on and and praise its' benefits they usually try it and are pleased with the results.

Judy A. Knox

Most effective pain reliever for muscle spasms I have ever used. I have been using this product for well over 5 years and often send bottles to friends and family especially to those who can not tolerate traditional pain medications prescribed by their doctors. Just a tip if you are considering purchasing this product...Apply it to your area of pain and if your pain comes back apply it again it will most likely be gone after the 2nd application and that area should not bother you for the rest of the day.