What is Golfer's Elbow?

Pain caused by golf can be unbearable

Medical Epicondylitis – Golfer’s Elbow

Medical epicondylitis, or Golfer's Elbow, is a common condition that causes inflammation and discomfort in the elbow. Damage to the wrist and tendons radiates pain down the side of the elbow to the wrist. Golfer's Elbow is known to affect daily routines and cause permanent damage if left untreated. 


Related to repeated stress on the fingers and elbows, golfers elbow affects many active individuals.  A sudden stop in the swing such as striking a root or catching the ground can cause or worsen the condition.  According to Web MD, repetitive use of the forearm muscles can contribute to golfer’s elbow as well.  Tearing of tendons around the wrist can happen with overuse of muscles in the forearm.

Decoding the symptoms of Golf Pain

The Mayo clinic suggests you look for tingling and numbness in and around the elbow.  Some golfers experience pain when turning a door knob or shaking hands.  Contact a physician if the elbow feels warm or if there is persistent pain.

Pain Relief Options

The PGA suggests using graphite clubs as they transmit less shock to the hands.  Reducing this shock is very helpful in reducing pain.  Physicians and players also recommend the use of a topical analgesic such as OrthoGel. OrthoGel is formulated with naturally found anti-inflammatory and soothing agents that provide fast, long-lasting relief. Topical analgesics are a great alternative to aspirin and other prescribed pain medications. For best results, apply liberally to muscles and joints before and after activities that may cause pain.

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